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Ensuring underground infrastructure is well-maintained is an important job.  With the use of Vactor trucks, Opperman Construction Co. is able to repair and prevent problems beneath surfaces by keeping sewer and storm lines, catch basins, treatment plants and well pump and lift stations clean.

Storm Sanitary Sewer Televising and Cleaning

Storm Lines

Can become clogged by trash, sand, leaves or roots. A blockage can cause severe street flooding that can spread to homes and commercial buildings.

Sewer Lines

Common obstructions include roots, grease, debris and more. When overflows occur, human health can be affected, and freshwater resources damaged.

Catch Basins

Rocks, dirt, leaves, litter and other debris restricts the flow of catch basins. The result is flooding damaging roads, sidewalks, buildings and landscaping.

Treatment Plants

When sludge builds up at the treatment plants and its pits and wells, lost productivity can occur as well as serious damage to equipment.

Wet Well/Lift Station

Pumps and sewage lines can be easily damaged when solid material accumulates in these systems, creating unforeseen costs for a community.

Jet Rodding Jet Flushing

high pressure waterJet rodding and Flushing

When it comes to cleaning the inside of sewer pipes, jetting gets the job done. Specialized tips send high pressure water in all directions to allow the operator to bring debris down the line into a manhole to be removed via a vactor. The result is a clean pipe with a better path for sewage to flow through. Additionally, Opperman Construction Co. has invested in root-cutting attachments engineered to spin with the hydraulic water pressure created by the vactor truck and cut off the roots that have grown through existing sewers.

safe and efficienthydro-excavation

Hydro-excavation is the process of moving or removing soil by injecting pressurized water into the ground through a hose and then vacuuming the wet soil mix into a debris tank.  This method can be used for several excavation applications including, but not limited to, potholing/daylighting, slot trenching, debris removal and more.

  • Minimize Utility Damage

  • Improve Worker Safety

  • Compatible with any soil

less time, less moneythe benefits

Hydro-excavation replaces manual or mechanical digging processes to reduce the risk of underground utility damage as well as improve the safety of workers.  In addition, the hydro-excavation technique proves to be extremely versatile due to its ability to work with almost any soil type, even frozen ground.


Potholing is the practice of digging a test hole using a vactor truck to expose underground utilities.  In doing so, we are able to confirm there is no underground interference with the upcoming project.  The result is damage prevention, reduction of manual hand digging and safety hazards due to dangerous utilities like electric and gas and overall better production. Learn more about pre-construction services.

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