underground utiltiestelevising and cleaning

Avoid the time-consuming and inconvenient process of traditional sewer inspection and repair with a new, non-intrusive solution.


sewer inspectionhow it works

Televising equipment allows for a visual inspection of sewer pipes using instantaneous video and recordings from a rover that traverses the inside of underground pipes. The non-invasive approach involves a flexible cable attached to a remote-controlled rover with a high-resolution camera.

underground understoodthe benefits

Without excavating or cutting into pipes, we are able to gather information and create detailed reports targeting problematic points in their sewer system that allow owners and engineers to develop budgets and maintenance plans.

Extensive data

Plan future repair design and budgeting

Quick findings

Find damaged infrastructure, FAST!



  • Measure cracks
  • Measure water level
  • Measure bend
  • Measure object
  • Measure diameter
  • Measure joint
  • Take photo
  • Take video


  • Measure cracks, water level, bend, object, diameter, joint
  • Take photo or video

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