earthworkon-site recycling and concrete crushing

On-site recycling and concrete crushing prove to be services with a lasting impact.  Not only do they increase the efficiency and improve the cost of a project, but these services also have positive effects on the environment in many ways. 

on-site recyclinghow it works

On-site recycling involves the same process of concrete crushing, just at the location of the job opposed to the Opperman Construction Co. recycle yard.  The required equipment is brought on-site with one mobilization rather than making countless trips back and forth hauling concrete to a disposal yard and purchasing stone from quarries, which saves on emissions and time.


haul-off costs and landfill disposal fees


use of non-renewable resources and fuel


project efficiency and improve project cost


concrete crushingthe process

  • break up concrete

    Once the materials arrive at our recycle yard, breakers are used to generate manageable pieces of concrete and load them into a crusher in order to break them into usable sizes.

  • screen plant

    The crushed material is then run through a screen plant, which is just that: a screen that only allows specific-sized stones through.

  • finished product

    Following the screens, the stones are dropped onto respective conveyors and turned into stockpiles for future use or sale. 

save time, money and environmentrecycled products

Converting old concrete into reusable material is extremely important.  Not only do we work with repurposing spoils from our own jobs but are proud to offer this service to fellow contractors, as well. The Illinois Department of Transportation has approved Opperman Construction Co. to sell recycled stone of CA-6 gradation to be used on their projects, as well as others - see below for more materials with gradations.

tons of concrete recycled

  • IDOT 30300001 Aggregate Subgrade Imp
  • CA6 “Road Rock”
  • 1” x 3” and 3” + “Oversized”
  • Disposal at a number of locations

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