earthworkmass grading and site preparation

Prior to any major construction, it is important to grade the landscape.  With a combination of diverse equipment and skilled operators, Opperman Construction Co. prepares the construction site with ease.


what is mass grading?

Mass grading, an essential component of site preparation, ensures the topography of the land will allow for successful final grading and the construction of buildings, roads and more.  Examples are carving out corridors for new roadways , providing cut/fill for new building sites, detention basins and many other forms of site preparation.


improved technologyhow it works

After the site is surveyed, licensed engineers design CAD surfaces that are translated into the real world by using GPS localization and grade control to form the proposed surface.  Utilizing mass grading as a preliminary stage of the process ensures jobs stay on schedule and unexpected problems are diminished.

gps grade control

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