earthworkGps grade control

Modernized technology for GPS systems has allowed operators to complete projects safer and with more accuracy than ever before.


site grading

During site preparation, site grading plays an essential role in ensuring development can go as planned.  GPS grade control technology has simplified the process and eliminated inefficiencies, allowing us to offer this service at a lower cost.

less time, less moneythe benefits

More Complex Surface Designs

Better Production When Moving Earth

how it works

With the use of Autodesk Civil 3D, Topcon software, and GPS equipment, Opperman Construction Co. is able to take engineered surfaces based on real world coordinates and load them into our equipment. The GPS attachments on our equipment are able to determine precisely where they are aligned on the Earth's surface  The GPS equipment then alters the cutting blades depth automatically as the equipment moves with respect to satellites in order to create the designed surface in a real-world setting.


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