underground utilitiesjoint sealant and striping

Whether the pavement is new or existing, Opperman Construction Co. can cover the finishing touches to make it attractive and functional. Our striping and joint sealant services are the best of the best.



New business with a parking lot that needs to be striped?  Or maybe a frequently-traveled highway that could use some restriping?  Opperman Construction Co. has got it covered.  A full inventory of stencils including directional arrows, no parking, handicap accessible and others allow for multiple applications.  Paint color options are yellow, white and blue.

long lastingjoint sealant

Extend the life of new or existing pavement with joint sealant.  Sealing the joints of pavement prevents water infiltration into the base course that would otherwise cause vertical heaving or sinking on the surface of the pavement. It also prevents water from getting into the joints and freezing or expanding in cold weather situations, which can cause further damage to the cracks and joints of the pavement.


Prevent vertical heaving or sinking

Caused by infiltration of water into the base course

Reduce damage to cracks and joints

From water freezing or expanding in cold weather

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