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Since 1902, Opperman Construction Company has combined centuries of knowledge and experience with consistent innovation to become the reliable construction company of choice.

We at Opperman Construction Co. strive to be; fair & just, an employer with employees that want to work for us, a company our customers want to work with – guided by; confidence in each other, good family values, hard work, and faith in God.


Four generations of family members committed to growth and success


Intentional commitment to modern technology, knowledge and equipment


Dedication to improving as needs within the industry change with time


our historywhere we started

Over a century ago, Hal Opperman had one dream - to build.  And he did just that, for over forty years.  Because of Hal's dedicated family members, his dream is still alive today.  Four generations of Opperman sons have led the company through decades of construction with pleasure and success.

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Opperman Construction Co. has invested in knowledge and equipment to evolve into a truly full service construction company. In addition to being able to cover our clients' basic construction needs, such as underground utilities, earthwork and concrete, we are proud to be able to offer specialized services that save time, money and the environment. With over 250 projects completed each year, we have experience in all service areas.

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  • Horizontal Directional Drilling

    Turn to HDD when conventional trenching or excavating is impractical

  • On-Site Recycling

    Avoid haul-off costs and landfill disposal fees, reduce landfill waste and use of fuel and non-renewable resources, increase project efficiency, and improve project cost

  • Insertion Valves

    A faster, more efficient solution for maintenance of water distribution systems

  • Sewer Inspection

    Avoid the time-consuming and inconvenient process of traditional sewer inspection and repair with a new, non-intrusive solution

  • Hydro-Excavation

    Replace manual or mechanical digging processes to reduce the risk of underground utility damage as well as improve the safety of workers.

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